Sunday, April 09, 2006

I'm Still Not Properly Warm

Getting to Saturday's game was quite an adventure. We lost Christina before the trip even started because she apparently likes being sick or something. So, one person down and one ticket up, we set off for Cincinnati. Finding our friend's house in Cincinnati was great. Either he gave us incomplete directions or we can't read, but first we missed the road we were supposed to turn on and then, once we found it, we turned the wrong direction. We finally found him, went and had lunch, got rid of the extra ticket, and then arrived at the game only slightly late.

At this point it is important to note that a temperature of 50 degrees with sun means nothing when put together with gale force winds off the Ohio River. It was freaking COLD. I should definitely have worn more than a t-shirt and light jacket. The people that sat way up at the top for the whole game are either the most badass group of people ever or the biggest idiots ever. It was cold enough down where we were sitting. The place was pretty empty by the 4th or 5th inning and yet they continued to sit up there and freeze.

Anyway, the actual game. Ryan Freel continued his quest to earn my undying love by being a super awesome baseball machine. He stole about a bazillion bases, as well as a sac fly for Dunn (who, I am told, tracked him down in the dugout and gave him a great, big bear hug for it).

In the first, after Freel and Lopez stole 3rd and 2nd respectively simultaneously, Aurilia knocked one out for 3 runs. Fantastic start to the day. The Pirates even tried to help out when Casey and I guess it was Cota went for a popup at the same time and crashed into each other. Though Casey knocked him down, Cota failed to help the Reds when he didn't drop the ball.

I was paying a lot more attention to the fact that I was freezing than I was to the game, so the details on exactly what happened when are quite fuzzy, but it was a darn good game. Kearns had a homerun to go along with Aurilia's. As I said earlier, Freel tore the place up with stolen bases. Harang had a much better day than Monday, and even had a hit. Technically it was ruled an error and so it doesn't count as a hit, but the man got on base. He even got to score a run.

By the end of the 8th the Reds were up 11 to 6. In the 9th they tried their best to ruin the game by allowing the Pirates many hits and 3 runs. Lucky for us, the scoring stopped there and the Reds finally won it 11-9. For the first time, I actually forgot to take a picture of the scoreboard at the end.

Now, here's an interesting new addition. It seems the Reds have cheerleaders now. I do not share JD's opinion on this matter. But then, I'm female and really don't see the draw. All they really inspired me to do was wonder about how cold they must have been.

And now to make up for some slacking in the generosity department. Everybody else has been all cool and linking to us all week, so I guess it's about time we returned the favor. Here's what we've got for Saturday's game.

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Sorry that wasn't presented in a more entertaining or informative manner. My brain seems to have died.

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