Tuesday, April 11, 2006


What a way to show the Cubs how to play baseball. Shoving 6 home runs (including a grand slam) down their throats is fun. I guess that's why the game wasn't on TV today. It was too much awesome for the box to handle. I was shocked to find a radio station in Athens carrying the game. That's good for future reference, though.

Griffey of the Junior variety started off the party with his solo shot in the 1st. Dunn added his own in the 2nd. Arroyo, proving himself the better end of the Pena trade every time we see him, joined the party in the 3rd, also a solo. Laughing may not be the appropriate response to that, but that's what I did. Dunn threw in another homer in the 4th. So far it's 4 to 0 Reds.

The 5th wasn't quite as fun. No one really did much. Well, that's not quite true. Arroyo continued some pretty darn good pitching. In the 6th the Reds decided it was about time to put the hurt on the Cubs. Griffey and Aurilia singled and Dunn walked to load the bases. Then comes Edwin Encarnacion, striding to the plate (I imagine he did this with quite the arrogant swagger because that just makes it all the better). Mr. Encarnacion then procedes to pick up his first home run of the season, and the first grand slam of his career. Yeah buddy! Reds are up 8-0. How embarassing for those Cubbies.

Right after this Kearns added yet another solo to the tally, bringing the home run count for the day up to 6, all of them for Cincinnati.

Arroyo pitched 7 innings (no runs), a very good day for him all around. Chris Hammond came in for the 8th, managed to get two outs, but still allowed one run. Rick White came in and got the final out for him, returned for the 9th, allowed another run (the 7th home run of the day, from Barrett), then closed out the inning without further scoring.

Reds win, 9-2. Woo!

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Also, check out the standings. Cincinnati's first in the division! Sure, it's a three-way tie, but Cincinnati is first alphabetically, so it looks really good.

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