Friday, April 21, 2006

Brew Crew Goes Down

12-8 was not at all what I expected last night. After seeing the Reds struggle against the Marlins for two days I was quite concerned that the Brewers were going to pound them. Luckily, the Reds pounded the Brewers. Dave Williams, who has to be better than this, gave up 8 hits, 6 runs and 4 walks in something like 86 pitches through 3 innings. He left the game shortly thereafter. Jerry Narron got himself ejected (arguing an out that may or may not have been an out) so Dave wouldn't have to be the only one that left early.

Williams was replaced by Matt Belisle, who did a pretty darn good job for his 4 innings. He got the other two runs, but all in all, a pretty solid performance. Which is good. He was starting to worry me.

Up next was Brian Shackleford, who I really didn't see. Probably because he was only out there for three pitches. In the 8th, after Belisle gave up a homerun to Chad Moeller, nailed Brady Clark and JJ Hardy singled, Shackleford came in for one batter, Geoff Jenkins, who flied out.

Enter Todd Coffey. After an RBI single (run credited to Mr. Belisle), Coffey played no more games and shut the Brewers down.

After Williams's shaky start the offense totally bailed us out. The Reds scored a run in both the 1st and 2nd innings. The Brewers tacked on three in their half of the 2nd and also in the 3rd, making it 6 to 2 Milwaukee. Brandon Phillips (3 for 5 for the night) began his one-man show in the fourth with a two-run homer, which was followed by Felipe Lopez scoring on Tomo Ohka's error. We're making up ground, it's 6 to 5 Milwaukee. Edwin Encarnacion homered in the 5th to add two more to the total. 7 to 6 for the Reds!

With the bases loaded in the 6th, Mike Adams walked Austin Kearns to bring in Lopez. Phillips followed with his first career grand slam. Now we have 12 to 6 Reds. No more offensive wonders to behold on the Cincinnati side. The Brewers got two more, but no one cares. Final score: 12-8.

Tonight they're in Milwaukee again. Bronson Arroyo vs. Ben Sheets. 8:05 on FSN Ohio and probably on the radio, too.

I almost forgot! Big blow to the Cubbies yesterday. It seems one Derrek Lee broke his wrist and will be out for 8 to 10 weeks. Or maybe indefinitely. Everything says something different. No matter what it is, sucks to be the Cubs.

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