Monday, April 10, 2006

Put Away the Brooms

No Pirate sweeping this time. Pittsburgh finally found their first victory of the season at the expense of the Reds on Sunday. They narrowly avoided defeat three times, but I guess four was just too much to ask. Hatteberg and Valentin, not to be outdone by Casey and Cota, tried to pull off the same Catch and Crash show from the previous day. Unfortunately, Hatteberg didn't come up with the ball in this rendition. Dave Williams had a decent outing, but it couldn't make up for the defense and the Reds came away with a 5 to 3 loss. The game ended streaks for both teams. The Reds' winning streak stopped at 4 and the Pirates' losing streak stopped at 6 (an interesting side note, as of Saturday, Pittsburgh had more losses than the rest of the NL Central combined. We had a good laugh at that). The results of today's games leave the Reds sitting in 4th place in the division, ahead of St. Louis and Pittsburgh. Good to see those stupid birds behind us.

No game for the Reds today. Tomorrow they'll be in Chicago beating up on some Cubs.

Speaking of the Cubs, Ruz at The Cub Reporter has identified us as an enemy. I feel so formidable! And legitimate!

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