Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Blogger apparently has an outage scheduled in about an hour so I better get this in now.

Despite the Fishies' learning how to both hit and field the ball, they failed to overcome the Reds obvious supremacy. Okay, so it wasn't so obvious. In fact, they barely scraped out this win. But, seeing as they had a previous record of 0-4 against Dontrelle Willis, I guess any win is cause for celebration. Plus, everyone loves a comeback. Everyone but the Marlins, anyway.

I tuned into the game in the bottom of the 2nd, when the Marlins were already up 2-0 thanks to some home runs from Miguel Cabrera and Miguel Olivo. It was not a good day for Aaron Harang at all. I forgive him, though. He's still a hoss. In the 4th (what was to be the last inning for Harang), Dan Uggla (now officially my Least Favorite Marlin) rocked his own socks with a three-run bomb to put the Fish up 5-0.

The bottom of the 4th brought something that resembled a miracle. Willis apparently lost his head or his arm or something and allowed 4 runs, all from walks and singles. The wild pitch helped, too. Ryan Freel singled to score Edwin Encarnacion. Willis's wild pitch to everyone's favorite newbie (Brandon Phillips) brought newly activated Jason LaRue home. Phillips then singled for to score David Ross and Freel. 5-4 Marlins now.

Angered by this, Reggie Abercrombie Kids threw in a homer and Josh Willingham singled in Willis and Uggla-Butt in the 6th. 8-4 Marlins. Yay! Oh wait, no. Boo!

Determined not to lose to what is projected to be the worst team in the NL this year, the Reds put up four more runs over the next two innings while the Marlins did nothing. Score's tied at 8 to end the 8th. 8 is great!

But 9 is better. Todd Coffey owned the world again and kept Florida scoreless in the top of the 9th. In the bottom, with Adam Dunn on 2nd and Scott Hatteberg on 1st, Encarnacion hit a walk-off double to send Dunn plateward and win the game!

Thursday the boys are in Milwaukee for a four game stint. Overbay's not there anymore so we'll have to find a new Least Favorite Brewer, too. Here's a random fact. Did you know that a stint is a bird?

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