Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Silver Lining

Totally lame title. I know, I know. It goes perfectly with what I'm trying to write here. No matter what I write it comes out ultra lame.

Anyway, in light of all the negativity floating about THE INTERNET, here are some good points (in bulleted list form because I can't make them sound better any other way):

  • Homeruns! Two of them!
  • Coffey and Belisle had good innings
  • I'll leave this one in Griffey's words: "You'd rather have everything go wrong on one day than things go wrong on a bunch of days. Hopefully, we got all that stuff out of the way and we'll come back the next game and have some fun."
  • Seeing as this is the opposite of how the season started last year, maybe the end result will be the opposite of last season, too
  • All of the Opening Day excitement boosted the crap out of our traffic (that doesn't sound right at all)
  • Opening Day! Baseball is back! It's exciting no matter what happens!

So there's that. See, not all bad.

Now to go indulge my ultra girliness and watch some Sex and the City reruns.

1 comment:

Daedalus said...

the Reds just wanted the Cubs to get all of their runs out so they wouldn't score any in the next two! bring on bronson!