Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Hooray for Bronson!

Bronson Arroyo did it again. He put up 8 shutout innings with just one hit in leading the Reds to victory over the Nationals this afternoon. Finally! A sweep! Not only was it a good day for Arroyo, but Dunn finally hit something today. Three somethings, in fact. David Ross smacked a ball into the upper deck for the Reds only home run of the series. These are always the games you want to see on TV and they are always the games that aren't on.

Ross's homer in the 3rd was the first run of the game. Rather surprising with Ramon Ortiz pitching. It's nice to see him helping the Reds for once. In the 4th, Felipe Lopez scored on one of Ortiz's famous errors. He was followed by Dunn and Kearns when Encarnacion singled. The 5th and 6th innings passed with no change (though Dave Ross the Mighty was intentionally walked). The Reds added one more run in the 7th just for fun. Reds win 5 to 0!

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