Monday, April 24, 2006

Tidbits of News

Several little bits of news to relate.

  1. The Reds picked up a guy named Cody Ross from the Dodgers. He comes at the expense of a player to be named later. ESPN says later is Monday, but now is also Monday so I'm not sure when exactly "later" is.
  2. Tony Womack will not be that player I guess, as he was DFA'ed today. He never gave me any real solid reason to dislike him, but he never gave me one to like him, either, so I guess I'll just be happy that the 2nd base issue is getting closer to solved.
  3. Brandon Phillips was named the National League Player of the Week. With 17 RBI in a single week (including three home runs, one of which was a grand slam), it's really not a surprise. Well, it kind of is, seeing as no one respects the Reds. Worst team in baseball my ass. Anyway, as per the Reds' site, Tourneau (who is apparently connected to this Player of the Week thing) is going to give him a "luxury Swiss timepiece." Wonder why they couldn't just say "watch."
  4. Eric Milton had surgery on his knee today. I think he did, anyway. He's got a lovely stint on the DL to look forward to, now. In his place we get to see Elizardo Ramirez tonight. Ramirez does not look as much like a lizard as his name might lead you to believe. Rumor has it he's been pitching well in Louisville, though.

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